2020 07 / 20
Market news

Eaton’s high-tech factory power quality laboratory was officially opened to provide customized UPS solutions

In the era of information explosion, data centers and cloud computing are driving the increase in power consumption. The importance of power supply support and dispatching is increasing day by day. Eaton observed the urgency of the industry’s demand for proper power utilization. On the 9th, it announced the first "high-tech factory power quality" in Taiwan. "Laboratory" was officially opened.
Eaton is determined to deepen Taiwan in early 2020. The R&D laboratory has been upgraded and completed under the epidemic. In the future, this laboratory will simulate the power consumption that may be encountered in response to the needs of different industries such as data centers, high-tech manufacturing, and banking branches. Scene, finally design a customized power solution.
Gong Honghua, general manager of Eaton Electric Taiwan, pointed out that Eaton Labs, combined with Taiwan’s R&D team, will focus on high-efficiency energy conservation, big data predictive maintenance, and uninterrupted power storage dual-use systems. At the same time, the plant is also the world's highest-level factory. One of them is to produce Eaton’s highest-end uninterruptible power system (UPS), which will meet the needs of local customers in Taiwan and can be exported to the world.
As Taiwan’s industrial electricity use hits new highs, enterprises’ demand for power quality has continued to increase, and laboratories have mainly expanded Eaton’s service experience. Lin Zhenghao, Eaton’s R&D manager in Taiwan, pointed out that UPS has a variety of functions and has become more stringent. Only the power quality requirements can be adjusted according to customer needs, or function development can be carried out, and finally the verification test can be carried out.
Eaton’s laboratory is equipped with X-ray detectors, semiconductor switch characteristic curve analyzers and other precision instruments to analyze and research the components of UPS equipment, which can predict the aging degree of each part, the predicted time for replacement and maintenance, and the purpose is The production line updates equipment without decoupling, and reduces the risk of sudden shutdowns, so that the production capacity is maintained at the same level.
Eaton pointed out that through the operation in the laboratory, the actual cost and benefit assessment can be carried out more flexibly under the goals and requirements of the energy policy, and the UPS, which was originally an equipment cost for the enterprise, can be further turned into an energy-saving UPS. An important asset for the company to save electricity costs.
In response to the terms of large power users that will be in place this year, Eaton has also launched a UPS solution that takes into account the dual functions of energy storage and system performance upgrades. It has launched the Eaton PowerXpert 9395 uninterruptible power system for medium and large data centers and semiconductor fields. Directly connected to the grid for operation, under efficient and energy-saving operation, it also has the advantages of suppressing harmonics, adjusting power factor and saving electricity bills, as well as operation failure protection and power cycle self-capacity testing functions.



(Picture from 《科技新報》; Article sourcehttps://technews.tw/2020/07/09/eaton-power-quality-lab/