2020 05 / 20
Market news

Launched a mobile charger for electric vehicles with 1 mile battery life per minute

Electric vehicles have created a new civilization disease in the past few years: mileage anxiety. There are now mobile charging solutions proposed by US startups that have been sold in California. As long as one minute of charging can increase 1 km of battery life, it solves the dilemma that electric vehicles can only call for rescue when there is no electricity.
The start-up company's mobile charging plan began in 2018, and has now been officially launched in San Francisco and Los Angeles to provide emergency rescue services for electric vehicle owners.
This charger looks a bit like the unlovable R2D2, supports 40 amps of current, and the voltage can reach up to 500 volts. If used in the Tesla Model S / X, it can provide 1 mile (about 1.6 kilometers) of battery life per minute of charging.

The black and white machine on the lower left is a mobile charging module, which has become the standard equipment of road rescue vehicles.
This mobile charger uses an 18650 cylindrical lithium-ion battery with a maximum power of 20kW. The whole system is divided into two components, the upper half is the charging module, and the lower half is the battery pack. The battery pack can be superimposed and swapped. In theory, the user can put as many as you want in the car, but it is unlikely.
The charging module itself weighs 9 kg, but each battery pack weighs as much as 22 kg, and the electric capacity is only 3.5 kWh. It takes about 20 batteries (440 kg) to fully charge an electric car.
Unless there are special needs, general car owners and service providers will not do this. At present, the new company cooperates with the local towing service company to put a charging set with 5 battery packs in the trailer, a total of 17.5kWh. When the car owner needs emergency recharge, they can immediately drive to the site for charging, providing a maximum of about 70 miles of battery life (about 112 kilometers), enough for the car owner to drive to a nearby charging station.
The currently available charging specification is CHAdeMo. Applicable models include Tesla's full range of vehicles and Nissan Leaf. CCS charging will be launched this year to support more models.

Article source: https://technews.tw/2020/05/15/mobile-charge-for-electric-car-sparkcharge/?utm_source=fb_tn&utm_medium=facebook&fbclid=IwAR0clo_7WWlntpCr3lLusnwgjBasCDv1exLjZ9Mcuo4KE38w6Rl1Y