2017 04 / 01
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Power module

【Power Modules】

Module products are two units or a combination of multiple units, with the internal structure of the copper bridge, the effective use of improved lines. Through the Neil's expertise, the welding void rate is close to 0%, and the chip and the bottom plate are joined to improve the heat dissipation to reduce the temperature and improve the service life of the product.

Module type such as SCR + SCR / SCR + Diode / Diode + Diode; withstand voltage from 1200V to 1600V current from 26A to 1000A. Insulation withstand voltage rating 3.6KV / 60S. The type of encapsulation can be applied in different fields such as soft start / inverter / UPS system / welder anti-reverse (fast recovery module) and other related industries by adopting industrial specifications AAP / IAP / MAP / Super MAP.

Neil products to take the chip are GPP structure, this structure has a double trench structure, three passivation protection, can effectively improve the reverse surge capability. The chip uses LPCVD technology to improve the chip can withstand the temperature.